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Aetna Insurance Alcohol Rehab Center Coverage, How To Get An Addiction Rehab Insurance Check?

Aetna Insurance Alcohol Rehab Coverage

We Level Up CA alcohol & drug rehab accepts many addiction treatment insurance options including Aetna. Aetna-insured clients may be eligible for Aetna’s alcohol rehab coverage including detox programs, residential rehabilitation rehab, and more. We Level Up California provides a variety of payment options for medical bills incurred during addiction rehabilitation treatment. We accept Aetna Health Insurance, which may cover your comprehensive dual-diagnosis rehab to detox programs as well.

Get help, your treatment may be covered by Aetna rehab insurance

If you or anyone you love is suffering from alcohol addiction, it is more than just a social problem. Alcoholism can be destructive for everyone involved. It can destroy marriages and families as well as jobs, careers, and entire livelihoods. If you’ve tried to quit drinking on your own with no success, maybe now is the time to consider checking your Aetna Insurance Alcohol Rehab Coverage. Quitting with the help of a good alcohol rehab program can make all the difference.


We’re an Aetna rehab insurance provider. Call us to learn more about your Aetna insurance alcohol rehab and inpatient addiction center coverage.

Speak with an Aetna-approved referral specialist

Aetna Insurance Alcohol Rehab Coverage may be available for you or someone you love who needs help fighting alcoholism. An addiction specialist will find out everything they can about your situation and apply that information to create a customized treatment plan just for you. They’ll also work closely with your doctor so he or she can monitor your health during withdrawal and detox treatments. An Aetna-approved admissions specialist will then walk you through each step of the process until you complete rehabilitation successfully at an Aetna-approved rehab facility near home.

Does Aetna Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

Are you looking for Aetna alcohol rehab center? We Level Up CA accepts Aetna and many other PPO rehab health insurance plans.

Aetna does provide coverage for alcohol rehab, in a variety of settings, such as detox and both inpatient and residential treatment facilities. Aetna has a network of addiction rehabilitation centers and substance abuse providers offering treatment and therapy for people with drug and alcohol abuse problems. These addiction rehab network programs are screened for quality of care, adherence to evidence-based practices, and outcomes.

Aetna Insurance Alcohol Rehab Coverage may be included in your plan as well. Please call today to learn more about what Aetna has to offer for those seeking alcohol rehab. We Level Up CA provides a variety of payment options for medical bills incurred from addiction. We accept Aetna Health PPO Insurance, which may cover complete dual-diagnosis, rehab to detox programs as well.

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism please contact us today. If you are looking into insurance coverage through Aetna for substance abuse treatment then read this article for more details. You will find best practices regarding modern treatment, and their level of follow-up care.

How Do I Know if I’m Covered?

  • Contact Aetna directly
  • Use an online benefits verification tool – fill out our check insurance form
  • Call We Level Up Ca Alcohol & Drug Rehab directly

Please call us today to determine if Aetna Insurance Alcohol Rehab Coverage is right for you or someone that you care about. If someone with Aetna insurance opts to go to an out-of-network facility, it can be significantly more expensive, and the insurance company warns the treatment might not be on the level of services and facilities that are pre-screened and in-network.

Aetna Coverage for Inpatient & Outpatient Rehab

If you’re seeking Aetna inpatient coverage at a residential rehab facility, there are several things to consider. Aetna may offer plans that cover the option of onsite treatment with qualified staff and facilities available 24 hours per day 7 days a week. You may be able to schedule inpatient treatment around your personal schedules taking into account your specific situation.

Aetna encourages members and beneficiaries of their insurance plan, who need addiction rehab, behavioral or mental health services to reach out and learn more. Aetna may cover rehabilitation services as an inpatient admission to Residential Treatment Centers (RTC), Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) as well as Intensive Outpatient Program. Now with Aetna’s help, you can take advantage of lower out-of-pocket costs because they may offer flexible payment options that work around your budget!

Aetna requires preauthorization before any inpatient admissions or Residential Treatment Center visits. It’s important to ensure you have this approval, as it will help with your treatment costs and Aetna’s out-of-pocket maximums. You can save money by using lower-cost providers who are also within Network coverage because they may offer discounts for being on their plan!

Assuming a member has met their deductible, if they needed chemical dependency rehab for 14 days and were billed $14,152 in-network under the example given here, Aetna’s pre-negotiated rates may bring this amount down to over 9k dollars with 80% being paid by your insurance plan so you are only responsible for 20%. However when choosing an out of network provider at a higher cost due perhaps because it offers more robust services, then one could end up paying more vs. an in-network outpatient provider for example. This would mean your plan may pay 80 percent of in-network rehab centers but only 60 percent out of network. This leaves the patient responsibility at 20 percent for in-network rehab centers, and 40 percent for out-of-network providers. Call us to learn more about Aetna insurance alcohol rehab coverage.

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