About We Level Up

Mission & Vision:

We Level Up California Addiction Rehab’s vision is to support affected communities, families, and clients suffering from the affliction of substance abuse. Our mission is to utilize and advance the science of addiction and dual diagnosis co-occurring mental health treatment. The We Level Up CA Treatment Center is committed to client recovery success by offering:

  • Cutting-edge client assessments and clinical evaluations.
  • Providing and continuosly enhancing evidence-based substance abuse education, therapyc along with other treatment modalites.
  • Continuoulsy recruiting top addiction specialists and training our staff to deliver an outstanding client treatment experience.
  • Engaging with and learning from families, loved ones and the entire community to create lasting recovery outcomes
  • Providing high quality clinical care by attentive and warm treatment teams
Entrance to residential housing at We Level Up CA

Core Values:

  • Compassion for the patients and families we serve and respect for their circumstances.
  • Fighting against addiction and mental health stigma and misinformation.
  • Advocacy for and investment in our community and collaborative relationships.
  • Stewardship of our resources and place, working efficiently with resolve to bring timely solutions to the problem.
  • Mutuality in decision-making, where common purpose comes first; solutions with mutual benefit will endure.
  • Objectivity in our therapy choices, reflecting our focus on evidence-based SUD practice, quality and integrity
  • Transparency in our treatment actions and decision-making.
Residential bedroom for our recovering clients.

We Level Up Rehab Network Is Accountable And Responsive

We Level Up treatment centers addiction centers mental health centers behavioral health centers are accountable and responsive to patients and their families.

At the We Level Up rehabilitation network, we place a strong emphasis on accountability and responsiveness to meet the needs of our patients and their families. When you’re seeking a rehabilitation network for yourself or a loved one, it’s crucial to select one that can provide the necessary care. In addition to evaluating the quality of care and the range of services offered, it’s essential to consider the network’s ability to respond to your needs and maintain accountability. At We Level Up rehab network, we have elevated accountability and responsiveness to the highest priority. Your feedback is highly valued, and we are fully committed to promptly addressing any concerns you may have.

At the We Level Up rehab network, our primary focus is to place the well-being of our patients and their families as our top priority. We acknowledge the immense challenges that individuals face when dealing with issues related to drug and alcohol addiction and mental health. Our goal is to establish a rehabilitation process that is not only seamless but also profoundly supportive. We actively encourage all our patients to share their experiences and provide feedback. By collecting and carefully analyzing this feedback, we gain priceless insights into our patients’ perspectives, enabling us to assess the effectiveness of our rehabilitation programs consistently.

We Level Up Rehab Network Feedback, Complaints & Reviews Are Welcomed

Your feedback is important to us, and we want to assure you that our management team is readily available to meticulously assess and investigate any concerns you may raise. We approach all complaints with transparency and remain steadfast in our commitment to resolving them promptly. Our overarching goal is to ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care while upholding their rights and preserving their dignity.

At We Level Up Rehab Network, we consider accountability to be a cornerstone for achieving success in the realm of rehabilitation. Our dedicated team continually engages in training and maintains their motivation to enhance their responsiveness and sense of responsibility towards our patients. We have implemented a comprehensive system aimed not only at meeting but also exceeding our patient’s needs and expectations. Our team actively participates in ongoing training and development programs to stay current with the latest rehabilitation practices, ensuring they are well-equipped to address the diverse requirements of our patients.

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We Level Up Rehab Network is committed to ensuring that our patients get the best care possible. Our top priority is accountability and responsiveness to our patients and their families.

We welcome your feedback and strongly encourage you to express concerns whenever necessary. Our committed team is fully dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded and your needs are thoroughly addressed. We hold unwavering confidence in the effectiveness and transformative power of our rehabilitation programs. We extend an invitation for you to consider joining us at the We Level Up rehab network, where we can assist you in overcoming addiction and effectively managing mental health challenges.

Alcohol & Drug Recovery Oasis

We Level Up California Addiction Rehab center equips clients with a well-balanced and holistic path to drug and alcohol substance abuse recovery. Personalized treatment plans are designed for each patient including individual and group therapy sessions, as well as elective family-based therapy, holistic therapy, and secondary dual-diagnosis mental health therapy.

Southern California Rehab for Addiction & Detox
Southern California Rehab for Addiction & Detox

Level Up Series Founder

Ryan Zofay is most enthusiastic about parting sound lessons that transform lives. As a flourishing businessperson and motivational spokesman, he guides improvement tacts that measurably raise achievement, connection, and overall mindset. Applying the schooling of his own triumphs and trials, Ryan has uncommon expertise to promote profound transformation for people and businesses. Ryan gave every ounce of his being to discovering a way to become the success he envisioned himself being. He finished an incredible 1500 hours of special development training and experiential therapy workshops. He began executing personal development systems, routines, and methods into his own organizations. Swiftly he saw an amazing transformation in morale, effective leadership, team connection, and overall performance. He saw the potential of healing through vulnerability and built personal bonds with members of his team and community he wouldn’t otherwise have. His goal is to build a society where everyone can be enabled and appreciate that they are enough; Also a society where everyone can feel safe, and be fulfilled. Ryan is living a life of meaning and believes “if you’re not living every day with a sense of purpose then you’re not living”. 

GIVING TUESDAY Ryan pledged to match donations this past Giving Tuesday for Hospitality Helping Hands. Hospitality Helping Hands began distributing groceries in West Palm Beach, and within weeks has become one of the largest sources for families seeking support in the state. The challenge was EXCEEDED and 110k was raised which fed 170,000 families! The cause is still going. Despite our social distance, we are still in this together.

Ryan Zofay

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The We Level Up California Addiction Treatment brochure serves as your all-encompassing resource for gaining a deep understanding of the addiction treatments we offer. Inside, you’ll find comprehensive information about our specialized programs, our exceptionally skilled staff, and our cutting-edge facilities. Moreover, it provides insights into our distinctive holistic approach to addiction treatment, emphasizing not only recovery but also long-term resilience. This brochure offers a firsthand perspective on the real-world impact and effectiveness of our services. Feel free to download our brochure today to explore how we’re transforming the landscape of addiction treatment in California.