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Welcome to We Level Up CA Addiction Treatment Center

Seeking unparalleled CA treatment for drug and alcohol rehab, detox, and dual diagnosis treatment that’s second to none?
The We Level Up California rehab center for primary addiction coupled with dual diagnosis treatment seamlessly combines these treatment modalities and much more. We offer superior renovated facilities, well-trained addiction specialists, and accountable attentive therapeutic teams.

We aim to deliver world-class hospitality as part of our culture of offering excellent client care. Offering unparalleled full-service addiction treatment programs providing a first-class client experience coupled with world-class amenities and treatment services at an affordable cost.

If you or someone you care about has been struggling with addiction issues or having mental health problems, don’t hesitate to get help. Reach out to an addiction specialist using our secure online form or by calling us 24/7.

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Addiction Treatment
in California

  • High Prevalence: Addiction is a widespread issue in California and the U.S., demanding effective treatment.
  • Addiction Concerns: Many adults in California face addiction risks, and accessing care can be challenging. Early intervention is crucial.
  • Treatment Access Challenge: Many Californians struggle to access quality addiction treatment. In 2023, the state allocated $52 million for opioid prevention and treatment.

Our Commitment

We Level Up CA is devoted in helping individuals overcome addiction. Whether you’re from California or any other part of the U.S., we’re here for you. Our programs are designed with your recovery in mind, offering personalized support and a clear pathway to a life free from addiction.

Join Us

No matter where you call home, you’re welcome at our California-based addiction treatment center. We’re dedicated to assisting you on your path to recovery. Let us be your partners in this journey towards a healthier, addiction-free life.

We Level Up California addiction treatment image.
We Level Up California addiction treatment image.

Insurance Coverage for Your Addiction Treatment in California

Your cost may be covered by insurance. Get a free instant private and confidential insurance check today.

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BCBS Coverage

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association owns 36 health insurance companies, independent and locally operated, nationwide.

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Aetna Coverage

As one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers, Aetna rehab coverage may fall under an array of policies with varying degrees of coverage.

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CIGNA Coverage

A global health organization, Cigna Rehab Insurance covers more than 86 million customer relationships worldwide.

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Backed by a Team with a History of Excellence

Our extensive experience is the cornerstone of our commitment to guiding individuals through substance abuse treatment in California. We provide exceptional care and support, ensuring our clients receive the specialized guidance necessary for their journey to recovery.

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Years of Unified Experience


5-Star Reviews Across Our Centers


Recovery Success Stories Across Our Network

We Level Up Admission Process

From Your First Call to Our Doors in As Little As 24 Hours.


Pre-Admission Assement

Upon reaching out to our California addiction treatment center, you’ll be assigned an admissions coordinator who will complete a 15-30-minute evaluation of you or your loved one’s medical, mental health & substance abuse history.


Insurance Check

While on the phone, we will collect relevant information to determine whether your health insurance can be accepted. In many cases, the answer may be positive. We work with a broad network of providers and can help you find appropriate resources.


Exploring Your Payment Options

If your insurance isn’t accepted or you prefer different payment methods, don’t worry. We’ll present you with an alternative option, ensuring you find a solution that fits your needs.


Dedicated Treatment Consultant

Following the completion of the admissions process, our contact center agents will arrange your admission to the facility and set up your first meetings with the treatment team to guarantee a smooth transition. The therapy personnel at the facility will offer individualized assistance and care after admission.


Arrival and Transportation

If you are arriving from out of town, we can assist in arranging pickup and safe transfer to the facility.


Start of Your Recovery

As soon as you have arrived, We Level Up staff will greet you and finalize the admissions process, giving you a chance to start working towards an improved, healthier you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Testimonials from the We Level Up Treatment Center network do not guarantee you the same outcome of treatment. Each person’s journey is unique and results may vary.

First-class CA Rehab Facilities

Clients are invited to join our serene recovery center located in what many revere to be the most beautiful part of the country, and what could be considered the perfect backdrop for intensive personal addiction recovery.

Our superior CA rehab treatment services include:

  • Caring & Compassionate Substance Abuse Therapists
  • Innovative Cutting-edge Science-Based Addiction Treatment Modalities
  • Licensed / Certified & Trained High-Quality Team of Addiction Specialists
  • Exclusive & Private grounds with Low Staff-to-Client Ratio
  • Multiple Mindfulness & Wellness Therapies
  • Up to date, Safe, Comfortable & Stylish Accommodations
  • Outstanding Food & Nutrition Hospitality

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CA Rehab for Drug & Alcohol Addiction from Detox to Residential Treatment

Medically-managed addiction detox from drug and alcohol abuse is the safest way to quit using. No one suffering from active addiction should ever attempt to detox at home, because it can be dangerous and even life-threatening. In reviewing the type of substance and addiction severity, our clinical team carefully evaluates detox medication. To help minimize withdrawal symptoms. Our specialists are especially well-trained to ease withdrawal discomforts around the clock, along with your detoxification treatment.

Our team at Level Up CA rehab for addiction treatment delivers quality care and kindness, in a tranquil California detox facility. Detox treatment center care includes:

  • Insurance may cover treatment cost
  • Safe comfortable supervised medical detox
  • Customized treatment programs
  • Complementary client family program
  • Complementary client alumni program

We Level Up inpatient CA rehab housing offering full-service first-class supervised medical detox program.

We Level Up California rehab couples image.

About We Level Up CA Rehab for Addiction Treatment

At We Level Up CA, our main goal is to help you become the best version of yourself and achieve your goals. We’re here to support and guide you every step of the way, so nothing gets in the way of your journey towards a brighter future.

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Exercise the power of choosing to stay true to yourself.

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When you take part of a group with a vision bigger than yourself, you can overcome any obstacle.

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No matter what life throws at you, you show up and find a solution.

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Commit to self-love and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

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We understand that you and your family may be going through a challenging period.

The process of comprehending the treatment options for alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health conditions that we address can be quite complex, and it may raise numerous questions.

How can I find reputable addiction treatment centers in California?

Finding a leading addiction treatment center in California is crucial for effective recovery. We Level Up California, nestled in Lake Elsinore’s serene environment, is renowned for its comprehensive and holistic treatment approach. By focusing on personalized care, our rehab center ensures every client receives the most effective treatment tailored to their unique needs, supported by our facilities and a team of caring and compassionate substance abuse therapists.

Is self-detoxification a safe approach?

Self-detoxification poses serious risks, particularly for individuals with significant addiction challenges. We Level Up California offers medically supervised detoxification programs, ensuring safety and comfort. Our detox center is staffed with professional medical teams available 24/7, providing care tailored to minimize withdrawal symptoms and support the initial steps towards recovery.

What sets your inpatient rehab facilities apart in California?

We Level Up California distinguishes itself with:
  • Personalized treatment plans for each client.
  • A holistic recovery program addressing substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions.
  • A dedicated team of licensed, certified, and highly trained addiction specialists.
  • Exclusive and private facilities ensuring a low staff-to-client ratio for more personalized care.
  • A nurturing environment that promotes comprehensive healing and personal growth.

Can you describe the setting of your California inpatient rehab center?

We Level Up California is designed to support the healing journey, offering a peaceful and supportive environment. Situated in a tranquil area with modern amenities, our rehab center provides an ideal setting for focusing on recovery, featuring up-to-date, safe, comfortable, and stylish accommodations.

What amenities and activities are available to support recovery at We Level Up California?

Our facilities feature:
  • Comfortable accommodations and fitness areas.
  • Outdoor recreational activities and mindfulness programs.
  • Multiple mindfulness and wellness therapies including meditation, yoga, and recovery recreational activities, all aimed at promoting overall physical health and mental well-being.

How is treatment personalized for clients at We Level Up California?

We begin with a comprehensive assessment to develop a personalized treatment plan for each client. This plan may include a combination of detoxification, individual counseling, group therapy, and innovative, cutting-edge science-based addiction treatment modalities. Our approach is designed to address the unique needs of each client, including those with dual diagnoses.

What types of therapy and treatment programs do you offer?

We Level Up California provides a diverse range of evidence-based therapies and programs, including:
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy.
  • Experiential therapy.
  • Group therapy sessions and daily psychoeducational groups.
  • These therapies are part of our intensive treatment designed for recovery success, ensuring clients receive effective strategies for overcoming addiction.

Get Your Life Back.

Overcome addiction, embrace recovery.

Hotline: (855) 695-1160
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