Mental Health and Addiction Treatment, Diagnsosis, Types, Triggers & Causes

Mental Health Treatment
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Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

We Level Up California rehab provides top-notch primary inpatient addiction treatment services. Our treatment modalities are best able to produce improved results by combatting the core of most patients’ primary addiction disorders along with corresponding secondary mental health problems.

Our addiction specialists know that many patients’ addiction disorders can be traced back to emotional trauma like severe depression and anxiety. These secondary mental health disorders can arise from both genetic and environmental stimuli. Past traumatic events resulting in severe traumas can feed and trigger an addiction to alcohol and drugs. From clinical evidence-based treatment models, we know treating the combination of the two disorders produces improved outcomes.

Even where addiction is not prevalent in the patient’s family it still can be triggered as a result of genes inherited from the patient’s family, leaving them more prone to secondary mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

Environmental factors can also be very common addiction triggers. These may not be directly related to anything traumatic per se. Something as simple as growing up in an area where the patient may be exposed to increased difficulty making friends that are good role models for good behavior could also be a contributor. And of course, peer pressure to abuse drugs is yet another environmental factor contributing to addiction.

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During mental health and addiction treatment patients can delve back into their past to help discover what it was that led them to drugs and or alcohol in the first place. This is crucial not only in identifying hidden secondary mental and emotional issues but also in uncovering “triggers”. Triggers are often situations, people, and places that lead the patient to feel the need to cope by abusing drugs or alcohol. However, after prolonged use, many addicts continue using because their addiction has upset the chemical balance in the brains where they are unable to stop.

While treatment therapy can take intensive hard work and may cause some discomfort, our clinical teams know how to assist each patient throughout the process. During mental health and addiction therapy, patients learn what potential treatment models may be most effective for their circumstances and disorders. Patients may find that secondary mental health treatment is very useful as an emotional support cushion to help through the rebuilding process. So they can learn new positive ways of coping with their past issues in ways that are not destructive. Our clinicians are specially trained in addiction and comorbid secondary mental health issues. They understand exactly why proper medication is often so important in these early stages of recovery.

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Many psychiatric issues can be common for patients at the start of their recovery journey. Our clinical staff work alongside each patient to make sure they are medicated and receiving the right kind of individual and group therapy. So to ensure these secondary disorders receive treatment and do not interfere with the work they are doing to combat their primary addiction issues.

Generally, the time medications are used is when a patient is suffering acute withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or benzodiazepine use. As soon as it is safe to remove the patient from these medications (typically after a small dose of Ativan) they are removed from them completely. Our clinicians can provide complete inpatient care from mental health and addiction-related medical detox to medication and therapy to anyone suffering from addiction illness. treatment

Some mental health disorders associated with a primary addiction diagnosis are:

Co-occurring Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Programs

Typically most patients’ schedules will consist of both individual therapy, group therapy, and meeting with a therapist one-on-one. At We Level Up CA rehab talk therapy varies widely in group therapy and can involve several different activities to help each patient.

Clients learn about the disease model of addiction, work with their peers, get to the core of their issues, and identify and combat triggers to name a few activities. Individual therapy is based on the CBT model, otherwise known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is utilized to help clients dig into their past to confront issues that cause their addiction in private, identify bad habits, and come up with new healthy coping mechanisms to replace their addiction habits.

The process of helping patients through discovering the cause of their addiction and helping them advance to the next level of healthy coping mechanisms is never easy. But, it is more than possible with proper treatment. We’re able to help a wide variety of patients suffering from complex to less complex comorbid mental health and addiction dual diagnosis disorders.

The biggest component of working through any mental health and addiction issue is the level of willingness of the patient. Our treatment teams assist patients in absorbing and fully understanding what “hitting rock bottom” is. They strongly encourage them to accept their reality. Of course, patient co-operation, willingness, and emersion into therapy help immensely in achieving long-term recovery. Although we can help patients get through a medical detox and mental health and addiction treatment where the initial patient willingness is low, patient active participation is vital.

We Level Up CA customizes your primary inpatient addiction treatment by first evaluating your distinct circumstances and specific needs. We consider conditions for dual diagnosis co-occurring treatment requirements because we understand that comorbidity between addiction and mental health treatment is often quite common.  No matter your underlying triggers for your addiction, or how many times you’ve relapsed, our addiction and mental health specialists can help anyone.

We also Provide holistic and comprehensive, evidence-based recovery treatment, along with co-occurring illness diagnosis programs that ensure every aspect of each patient including their mind, body, and spirit is treated. Treatment programs include in-depth emotional therapy that is geared towards treating potential traumas.  We can help patients at each step of the inpatient recovery process from detox, to rehab treatment. Including free alumni after-care plans in an extremely comprehensive manner. Call to learn more.

We Level Up CA Primary Mental Health Treatment Center

At We Level Up CA treatment center we focus on Detox and Inpatient Rehab services with a secondary focus on behavioral health. Some of our clients need a Primary Mental Health Treatment Center to get the comprehensive psychiatric care they deserve.