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People from all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities can see their lives or the lives of their loved ones harmed by substance abuse. Overcome Addicition with the help of the We Level Up Rehab Centers.

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  • Detox Programs
  • Inpatient Services
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We Level Up California rehab & detox center is part of the nationwide We Level Up drug & alcohol addiction center network. Offering dual diagnosis, recreational therapies & first-class amenities designed to improve recovery outcomes.

First-class Facilities & Amenities

World-class Addiction & Mental Health Rehabilitation Treatment Centers

We Level Up is a Renowned Addiction Rehab Program with Integrated Mental Health Dual-Diagnosis Treatment.

Residential inpatient programs vary. Call to learn more.

The national We Level Up treatment center network offers proven recovery success experience, backed by a Team w/ History of accreditations, recognitions, and industry leadership.

15+ Years Experience

100s of 5-Star Reviews

10K+ Recovery Successes

Low Patient to Therapist Ratio

Above are select We Level Up national residential centers network memberships, licenses, and attributions.

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Evidence-Based Alcohol & Drug Rehab & Detox

Personalized care tailored to your success for lasting recovery

First-Class Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center

Relaxing Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center
  • Fully Licensed & Accredited
  • Medical Detox, Inpatient Rehab Programs
  • Evidence-Based & 12-Step Programs
  • Most Insurance Accepted
  • Concierge Transportation Services
  • Master’s Level Addiction Therapists
  • Strictly Confidential & Private
  • Onsite Entertainment & Recreational Activities
  • Dual Diagnosis Therapy Available

What Our Reviews Say!

Based on 22 reviews
Kamden Jase
Kamden Jase
We Level Up treatment centers have helped me become totally aware of my negative thoughts patterns and their therapy focused on how to change them for positive ones. Through rehab I have learned so many helpful tricks. I can truly say that recovery opened my eyes on how to be really comfortable in my skin. Their therapists and recovery coaches pushed me to get out of my shell in a really rough patch in my life. I will always be grateful for their help. I whole heartedly recommend them to anyone struggling with addiction or mental health issues. Even if you have been to treatment before, or if this is your first time, please know this is place is the real deal. If you are ready to change, if you are willing to listen and learn, they can help guide you and literally take care of the rest.
Devan Nasir
Devan Nasir
My experience at the WeLevelUp addiction center and mental health clinic was incredible! When I first got there, I was nervous and anxious about getting treatment. But I gave their process a try because I had to get better for myself and my family. The detox and mental health staff helped me through therapy and meds to get me through withdrawal while feeling comfortable. The therapy groups helped me by dealing with my depression, anxiety and their substance use triggers. I really felt lie the staff cared about patients’ progression. It felt like I was supported by a whole community. That’s probably one of the reasons I felt safe and comfortable opening up on my personal history and emotional issues. The residential facilities are amazing. I felt I was in a resort style hotel. And many amenities were available. I am incredibly grateful for the changes I achieved through rehab at We Level Up and HIGHLY recommend this treatment center. The one thing that made a big difference to my recovery what that I was ready to get my mental health and substance abuse treatment on track.
Joy G
Joy G
Start your recovery here! If you are wanting and willing you can start your journey here 😊 the staff and medical here has helped me get mental, physical and spiritual peace. I will forever be grateful! I am on my way to the next step in my Journey. Couldn't have done it without them.
Anthony Benitez
Anthony Benitez
So grateful for this place!! It literally saved my life and asked for nothing in return. It is beautiful and the food was really good as least for me. Staff was amazing!!! If I could name them all I would!! Every single staff member deserves a RAISE!!!!! A amazing experience no exaggeration. Shouts out to them all and my Brother Henry H. Best admissions rep of them all!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Forever grateful for WE LEVEL UP! 🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

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We will help you get started on the road to recovery.

We Level Up Treatment California is dedicated to providing quality care and effective treatment options for each and every client.

We Level Up Treatment California is certified through the Joint Commission, meaning our staff and facility meet the gold standard for treatment.

Advanced Clinical Therapy
Comfortable Relaxing Group Spaces
Serene Facility
Catered Meals at We Level Up Care
Luxury Bedding. Maid Service.
How Does Rehab Work?
Entertainment & Amenities


We Level Up California treatment often surpasses expectations!

Joint Commission Certified

Our facility is accredited by the Joint Commission, which certifies the highest standard of addiction treatment.

1 on 1 Individualized Treatment

Every patient receives a customized treatment plan, tailored to meet their individual needs.

24/7 Medical & Clinical Support

Medical and clinical personnel are available around the clock to provide excellent care whenever it is needed.

Loving Our Clients Back to Health!

Our Philosophy: We Level Up works to produce liberation from addiction and co-occurring mental health chains that bind us. We strive to enable clients to operate at their fullest capacity in stable long-term recovery. Have you ever wondered why you’re always living with the same substance abuse or behavioral health problems over and over? Do you end up feeling like a victim? Or perhaps you repeat the same poor choices, which always lead to stress, anguish, and inevitable relapse. We Level Up treatment centers offer a solution to these grave challenges and the underlying illnesses that clients must face every day.


Alcohol Rehab

An individual who has been struggling with a moderate to severe alcohol use disorder (alcohol addiction) has a significant likelihood of developing withdrawal symptoms and could benefit from the help of a detox program.

The longer and heavier the drinking, the more prolonged and more severe detox will be.  For this reason, going through the process sooner than later, and getting help, is critical to recovery.

Once fully admitted and evaluated, the 2nd stage of detox gets underway:  stabilization.  Based on the data provided during the admissions process, patient feedback, and the symptoms observed;  our experienced team of medical addiction professionals will provide care to keep the patient stable and as comfortable as possible.

Learn More About Drug Addiction Treatment

We Level Up Drug Rehab

The inpatient rehab system in a drug abuse treatment center consists of medical treatment, withdrawal management, and individual, family, and group counseling.

Medical Treatment: Inpatient treatment includes medical care to support you further as you take your first steps in recovery.

Withdrawal Management: Clinical care in inpatients helps alleviate adverse side effects as a person faces lingering withdrawal symptoms.

Individual, Family, and Group Therapy: Individual counseling, family counseling, and group therapy are included in inpatient rehab services.

Recreational Therapy: In inpatient care, you can access a range of recreational amenities to enhance your physical and mental health.

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Executive Rehab

Drugs Addiction Treatment Programs

Drug addiction is a complex condition that requires long-term treatment – not a quick fix. Therefore, the first step in drug abuse treatment is to seek help from your medical provider or a trained professional.


We’re Ready To Help

Whether you are attempting to quit using drugs or alcohol, the professionals at We Level Up Treatment California are available to help. Our experienced and compassionate staff members are accessible 24-hours a day to help our patients with anything and everything they may need. We have licensed medical professionals and seasoned psychiatrists in-house, all of whom work together to provide the most comfortable and pain-free addiction treatment experience possible. For more information on our comprehensive program or our state-of-the-art facility, please feel free to contact us today.

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